1. New comic.


  2. From Intruder #10.  Issue #12 coming very soon.


  3. Comic from Intruder #11, Seattle’s free comics newspaper.






  6. Made for an upcoming show, September 5th, Osprey Letterpress, Seattle.


  7. For an upcoming show.


  8. Centerfold spread in Dune #20. 



  10. intrudercomics:

    The fine folks at Fantagraphics have posted about the upcoming City Arts Summer Award that has our own Max Clotfelter in the running for a fat cash prize.
    Votes must be placed in person at Capitol Hill’s Sole Repair on Thursday July 11th. Stop on by and win this man some money.

    Here’s the City Arts page with the other people who did stuff called “art”. It is called that now a days right? “Art”?